Is this blocking exclusive feature of brave or chrome also has it?

just want to know is this blocking part of chromium browser or exclusive blocking done on brave ?

I believe that one is part of Chromium base, which is part of Safe Browsing. Don’t quote me 100% though.

i also think its most likely chromium but just curious to know

i think @fanboynz can confirm it…

The domain not in the lists, but probaby blocked via a regex. So it is Brave specific block.



will the shields blocking (filters) continue to be good/updated even without “browser feature based” updates ? OR if the brave browser updates stop for Win 8.1, the shields will also perform bad overtime like i will start to see ads ?

How do you define “Brave shields filters” performance will work without browser updates ? what will be shields behavior over time after 6 months without browser updates ? will these “lists” continue to be updated ?

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