Is this Ads link legit?

Hello, I saw the ads on Youtube and I decided to install the browser from this link:

However, I immediately uninstalled the browser as I realized the home page has a different address (without “try”)

Is this a legit link? If not what should I do to protect my PC?

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@Mattches @steeven @brendan @brian @fanboynz @sampson @chriscat @fmarier and others

I have told, time and time again, not to advertise via this domain. This is my third or fourth post on this topic. Last time, I even went on a long rant (which was the first time for me) and listed why it should not be done and what should be done instead (or what should have been done).

I will make sure to tag brave team to stop this nonsense until I die. And even if I die, I will program a script which will make such posts on my behalf whenever is mentioned on any social media platform.

Pretty idiotic.

Previous Posts from brave community forum. It also has some links where users complained about this issue on other forums like reddit. And there are many which I have not linked/found myself. Do note that I have “facts” on my side.

Just plain weird.

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@Kpvo It is legit

Our marketing team uses and for marketing purposes, including advertising and emailing prospective customers. These domains are owned and operated by Brave Software

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Yep, I’m pretty sure there are tons of people who have downloaded the browser through the ads. However, only some who have the awareness of ads scams will come forward and ask about this.

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As @Saoiray stated, this site is legit and is not a scam.

View our official FAQ to confirm this: