Is this a glitch?

Alright, let me wait for one more month and see then…

@steeven @Asad
I waited as you said for one more month but I don’t see any rewards for my 9th confirmation yet… So, should I forget about it?

@Asad @steeven I would like an explanation of why I didn’t receive in this month’s payout too…I have created this in the month of Dec and still if you can’t resolve it, that’s really bad. At least if you tell me that it is fault of brave rewards and they miss out to pay, fine I will forget it but you just keep asking me to wait for nothing.

I just pinged the publishers team directly about your account; will dig in ASAP.

Okay sir, looking forward to get it resolved ASAP.

Any updates regarding the issue?

Hi Suraj. I checked and it looks like there is no pending balance on your account. Looks like you were paid out in full already.

Well I clearly started this topic by saying I received 10.65 BAT for my 8th confirmation and didn’t receive anything for my 9th confirmation. I can still send the screenshot or you can please scroll up and check it out.
Right now I got my 10th confirmation and I just received only 3 BAT or something which is very very less compared to the previous payment.
Anyway I will drop this issue here, I have no more hopes that this will resolve or I am gonna create any other topic regarding the payment issue because obviously nobody resolves it here.
Thank you for keeping me wait for two months for nothing.

We are just now running a script that should restore any missing installs/confirmations. Can you check in a day or two? You might see your numbers go up as expected. :slight_smile:

hi admin
please check: Error 503 when downloading app page in website