Is there supposed to be compatibility with the Amazon Fire HD line?


Hi all,

On the Downloads page under ‘Brave for Android’ it states, “Works with phones and tablets.” I recently purchased an Amazon Fire HD 8, searched for Brave and Link Bubble on the Amazon app store but saw that the download buttons for both are disabled due to “incompatibility.” I just wanted to clarify, is there supposed to be compatibility for the Amazon Fire HD line of tablets?

Thanks so much. Brave is awesome!


@courage I’m going to investigate that. Could you try please the direct link and let us know does it work or not?


Hey @Serg, I actually installed v1.0.13RC1 from the Github releases page, and it runs just fine! FYI my tablet is running Fire OS (latest version).


Thank you for checking that @courage. I’m going to look on that soon.

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