Is there anyway to disable the download finished pop up bubble?

Everytime I download something there’s this pop up bubble floats above the browser screen. It’s so annoying!

Such a bad update ever happened to brave browser for Android. I have both Android 11 (one UI) and Android 12 (pixel). I disabled pop ups for both of my phone completely. But brave still showing those download pop ups…it’s so annoying to manually swipe them up it’s only slows me down when I had to download images fast. Never knew technology was meant to make life harder.

I think brave developers are slacking off. I wouldn’t mind shifting to any other chrome based browser if this pop up thing is not there. But all chrome based browsers are plagued with it. Seriously? Cut this thing off! We are tired of it.

Take monthly fee from me i don’t care. I would happily pay for things useful to me.

Go to brave://flags and then type ‘Download’ and then disable Enable Incognito download warning.

See if it changes anything.

It changes nothing. I wish people do testing their self claimed solution before posting it to the forum.

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