Is there anyway to clear all BAT payment list sites?


I am just finding out about BAT and the payment list of sites. But I noticed that there are some websites that I DO NOT want to pay, anonymous or not.

Regardless, what I wanted to do is first, clear ALL of the websites that I’m contributing to but the list is EXTREMELY long, in fact so long my browser is lags to the point delete website one by one just isn’t an option as it would day me days to do it.

So, can I delete/remove all of those sites at once from the payments list start over? And this time have Brave prompt me for each site?


Hi @muzak6 I sort of concur and I was about to add it to this list off issues I created but do you realize that the algorithm will just make it reappear again when you go back on the website?

So can you kindly propose something better. I agree with you, I just can’t think of a better, simpler and less frustrating methodology. Thanks.


I am totally unfamiliar with Brave payments so not sure. I was guessing that the auto-include, when turned off, would prompt you for each website, asking you if you want to include it in your list when you go back on the website. That way, once I deleted the list I could select which sites I want to contribute to.

But, if there is not a way to clear all current Brave payment sites from the list then I guess we’re screwed. LOL

Thanks for the reply back, I’ll check out that github link later today.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!


Not sure if you saw this one @Numpty - there was some discussion here as to a better way:



Running into the same issue. It would take me several, several hours to delete sites. It takes on average a second or two to delete one site, due to the lag. There should at least be a way to select multiple at once.

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