Is there anything that can be done with BAT without KYC?

I have been a supporter of this project for years. I even use Brave on my work computer. I have been sitting with BAT in my wallet waiting for the ridiculous KYC requirements to be removed so I can support content creators and fight the AI-driven advertising that is making us all hate each other through rage-bait fake news. The advertising model for online content has just got to go, and I thought the BAT concept would be the thing to challenge it.

However, having been in the crypto space since well before BAT came around, I have seen hacks become more and more sophisticated and aggressive. I have been very privacy conscience but still I had my phone number stolen through a sim-jacking account. This has historically been the type of hack that only high-profile celebrities have to worry about. Since then, I have made the conscious decision I will no longer do KYC on anything related to crypto. The $5 wrench attack is real, as several people have been murdered or attacked for their cryptocurrency. Doing KYC on any venture in the crypto space is a direct threat to my family’s safety.

I know some people think that those who complain about KYC are simply whining and don’t understand the law, please hear my heartfelt plea that Brave/BAT is a project that can change the world for the better, but this will never be done if KYC is required for tiny amounts. Please share the specific law you think is being violated by not allowing me to spend my BAT I have purchased myself to support contributors. I don’t think there is such a law. Nothing else that is crypto-to-crypto requires KYC. There was some concern that being a Lightning network note operator would require KYC, but this was not the case. No one outside of the crypto space is going to jump through these hoops to claim their rewards, and people already in the crypto space understand the dangers of criminals knowing where they live and that they are sitting on crypto.

It is possible I may be wrong and there is some way to spend the crypto I have already purchased to do automatic mostly contributions to content creators whose pages I visit. Is there?

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