Is there any timeline for general extension support?


Hope this is the right place for this question. I’m wondering if there is any approximate timeline target for just plain supporting extensions basically the way Chrome does (or Opera with the Chrome Extension add-on). In other words, go to Chrome web store, choose extension, and install it. Nothing special required on Brave’s end (though with the caveat that there will undoubtedly be some extensions that are incompatible for whatever reasons).

Related to this, I’m personally wondering how to see if there has been any progress with a certain extension. At the moment what prompted me to check, was the lack of a good session manager. I used Session Buddy in Chrome and absolutely loved it. As I’m a heavy multiple-windows-with-multiple-tabs user, and I like to divide my windows into categories of tasks (here’s my “work” window, here’s my “entertainment” window, here’s my “songwriting” window, etc.), Session Buddy really allowed me to finally work the way that came naturally to me without having to run a bunch of individual browsers the way I used to (Work goes in Chrome, Music in Firefox, Entertainment in Safari… etc.)

Anyway, would just love to know if there’s any expected way to check in on progress like this, or if it’s just a “sit back and wait for an announcement” type thing. Thanks!


Hi there! Unfortunately it’s not fixed yet.


That’s OK, I figured as much. But general chrome-store support is in fact planned at some point?


Yup! chrome-sore or brave-store :smile:


Sweet!! Brave Store would be super cool, but to support BOTH would be out of this world. :smiley:


I haven’t found any Brave store, but the suggestion to install Chrome extensions manually.