Is there any thing wrong with brave payment system?

I have BAT in the creator account but haven’t received them in uphold as its prediction
In this month (January), and now it’s showing the next payment date, I don’t know why my payment is skipped, please help @steeven
My uphold and creator account I’d is [email protected]

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Hi @Rudra - payments have started processing yet.

You mean have or Haven’t?
And I have even not got payment from brave ads.

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My payout postponed march 6 but today 2.6555 bat uphold account .My brave reward counting adds and reward 4,745 not claim this money .What does it mean ?

@steeven I need your help payment is completed but I haven’t recieved the payment

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@steeven @Mattches is there anyone to help me?

I have already responded to your other thread.
As I said there, please do not post private information in the public forum and please be patient as @steeven and all support team members have a very large volume of tickets to work through each day. Thank you.