Is there any instruction on how to pay publishers?



I have funded my account with BAT but cannot figure how to pay publishers. The UX feels clunky to me and with no ‘how to’ tutorial, video, checklist, etc, I keep turning to google search. Please advise, and thanks in advance.


HI @tbtmr2

Generally here’s some FAQs on Brave payments:

The most you have to do to pay publishers is fund your wallet and browse as you normally would. That’s really it. The sites you visit will be added to your table in about:preferences#payments so you can see them.

There are settings you can adjust by going to the Payments page and click on the gear icon for Advanced Settings. Here you will be able to choose some additional settings. Don’t want a page to show up if you only visit it once? You can adjust your setting to 5 or 10 visits before a page is added to your table. Other things you can do here include backing up your wallet (Very important! Please do this we cannot recover it for you from our servers in the event of computer theft or loss. There is no identifying information that we can use to tie this wallet to you, so any funds would be lost.) Also, from about:preferences#payments you can choose the sites you wish to contribute to (there’s an auto-include toggle at the top or you can toggle sites individually in the list). You should see a ‘Next Contribution’ date, that’s the date that funds will be withdrawn from your wallet to pay the publishers you have in your list.

Play around with your settings and let us know if you have questions!


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