Is there an easier and compatible way to verify brave with wix?

WIX isn’t able to add a file to the DNS and doesn’t support BRAVE browser. so even if they could, my website might not look right. Is there an easier way to verify with you and to have them support BRAVE?

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Hi @katelynnheartcams ,

I don’t have a login, but does disabling shields effect it?

I don’t have a clue. I would contact WIX and discuss this with them so that you can accurately fix the problem. Creating a wix account is free and you could try to implement your own verification to your own wix account as a test. Lots of people use wix sites, so this is important reach for you.

If you tried to verifying a free wix website = not supported.

Did you have your own domain

Yes. My domain is functioning properly. I bought it from a 3rd party called NameCheap.

Then you should be able to verify it via DNS record via NameCheap. No? Or you tried it and still not working?

Have not tried it, yet. Will let you know.

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