Is there an any malware in Brave browser?

After installing and running browser, my antivirus show me that there are Win32/Westbyte.A found in file Brave.exe.
And then it gives me link on the file, which Brave try to run: temp\scoped_dir4460_954764…\CRX_INSTALL\src\download-master-plugin.js

This warning displays every time i start browser. I dont have download-master on my CP. It seems Brave browser try to download (or it ia included into browser’s plugins?) . is it true?
Is it possible to remove this ?

Brave does not have malware. But it could be possible that it has been infected by external source.

A possible action is to use your antivirus to move the files to quarantine and reset browser settings.
if this does not fix it, you may try to use the antivirus to clean the infected files. This may have unpredictable effects in the modified exe files.
As last resource you may have to uninstall Brave, clean up any remaining infections and install again. You will loose any earned BAT that is in your browser.

Sorry, let me not to agree. if i go in brave://extensions/ I see nothing inside. Then I set flag “Developer mode” and press on “refresh”. After it, anitvirus gives me message. And i checked: folder CRX_ appears after starting the Brave browser only . CRX - folder for Chrome extension. I cannot explain how the donwload-master.js appears. Maybe Brave/Chromium uses download-master to download extensions. It is unsafe.

You are free to not agree :slight_smile:

Then uninstall it and move on :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s surprising that it is unsafe for you but it is not triggering alarms for the other 1 million users.

maybe ESET is bugged because Brave contains no malware of any kind… (That I know of)

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