Is there a way to turn off the Downloads panel?

Whenever I download something from a website (which is often), a panel appears across the bottom of the page, showing the download in progress, with a little menu (^) offering things to do like Show in Finder. This panel remains after the download is finished, blocking the bottom of the page – so I have to run the cursor down to it and click the X on the right to get it to go away, which is a continuing annoyance. I would prefer if it disappeared after the download is finished – or failing that, to turn it off entirely. Is there any way to do either?

That is a Chromium thing, not something that can be “disabled”.
You can use a download manager for that, there is many extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

Or then use this:

It will auto-hide your download bar after X seconds.

Irritates me too. lol AFAIK there is no way to disable this as @djprmf said. There have been several posts over the years in the Feedback category, but it’s still there. Posting some information from past topics that you may want to look into.

  1. brave://flags

  2. Extensions:

@djprmf @Chocoholic Thanks for the tips! I’ll try them out. Hadn’t occurred to me to check for extensions; I see there are a lot. I also use (ungoogled) Chromium, so they should work with that. Just tried the Download Bubble; that’s certainly better than the panel across the bottom.


The download bubble is really good. Similar to firefox and edge. Not on par to both of them but does the work compared to the big download box at bottom of screen.

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