Is there a way to tell whether a 'window' is a Private (w/ or w/o TOR) window or a regular window (w/o opening it)?

Is there any way to quickly determine whether an open window is Private/Private with TOR or a normal (non-private) window, without having to actually switch to that window?

If not, could a flag or other designation be added to the Window dropdown menu to distinguish the private ones from the non-private ones?



No, not really. You can use the Mission control “Swipe” action to view what windows are open. You can use Cmd + ~ to swap between different windows of the app in focus. But no, it’s not like on Windows where you can hover over the taskbar dock icon and view which window is which.

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Thanks. While Mission Control does display private windows in a way that distinguishes them from regular windows, they’re too small to be seen easily, so you can’t identify the tabs in the windows, and there’s no way that I know of to enlarge the windows. (Oddly, you can make them smaller – though only while moving them with the mouse – but not larger.)

Since it requires ‘cycling through’ all open windows, Cmd ~ isn’t really practical for someone (like me) who always has a lot of windows open.

BUT !!!…

Having discovered a new toy (Brave’s ‘named windows’ feature, found entirely by accident), I’m currently relying on that feature, which allows private windows to be ‘labeled’ in a way that distinguishes them in the Window dropdown (including options for doing that with graphic characters, e.g., emoji).