Is there a way to stop Brave from auto-updating?

Is there a way to stop Brave from updating when I start it? BAT from sponsored images doesn’t work for me in the latest version, so I rely on version 1.21.74, which works fine for me.

I end up having to reinstall the older version every time I boot my pc so the ads work.
I’m using Win10.

A quick search for “update” offers Is there any way to stop Brave from constantly “phoning home”? and Option to turn on/off auto update downloads AND when to install the updates.

Each thread includes Windows-specific work-arounds.

I had to find a way to stop Brave from updating itself because the problem the update was causing was stopping me from buying any food.

I found an article from a couple of years ago that said that adding a couple of lines to the hosts file on my Mac would block updates but unfortunately, that did not work but by watching traffic, I discovered that Brave was using a new URL which I also added to the hosts file. Whether the authors of Brave changed the URL to circumvent efforts to stop updates, I couldn’t say, but by not allowing users to choose, as every other app on my Mac does, they seem to be going out of their way to be awkward - there are plenty of good reasons not to want to update.

Anyway, I now get the satisfying error:

Update failed (error: 11)
Error details:
An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.

I can’t remember which is the one I had to add myself but you will need to find out how to edit the hosts file on a Windows computer - but add these lines and it will loopback all traffic addressed to those URLs to your computer thus blocking them. One of them also blocks manual downloads of Brave so be aware that you will probably need to edit the file again at some point to removed them.

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