Is there a way to stop a website from opening 'Changes you made may not be saved.' dialogue?


I have a website I have to visit frequently that has no reason to open the ‘Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved.’ dialogue, but does so every time I want to leave the site. Is there a way to prevent the dialogue from popping up for this site?


Same thing happens to me it started from yesterday i had visited the website number of times but it started since yesterday
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What is the website(s) in question?

the website i use is

I was not able to solicit that message from that site. Are there any other examples?

No i am only using this website

And in some sites it redirects me to other site when i click something on that site

I am again seeing this problem of something appearing next to google.
I want to say that the iM never disappeared from there now some ib is shown there can you please look into this matter?

This issue is already being looked at:

Sorry I haven’t responded, I didn’t have notifications on.

This isn’t my issue. The issue I’m having is that I have a website that opens the ‘Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved.’ dialogue every time I close it. I want it to no longer have the ability to open dialogues.

Apologies I was responding to the wrong person.
Can you share what website you’re seeing this behavior on?

No worries. I can’t unfortunately as it’s a business website and requires logging in to be able to get to the area where this is an issue.
Is there no simple way to prevent a site from opening dialogues? Normally (in other browsers I’ve used at least) at the bottom of the popup there’s a check box to do exactly that.
I’m not sure if it matters, but here is the popup:

EDIT: After opening and closing the page a few times, I did get a popup that asked if I wanted to prevent the site from opening dialogues and checked it. After that I tried opening and closing the site again and the original popup, without the option to prevent the site from opening dialogues, appeared as normal.

Thank you for the update. Checking the “prevent site from opening…” box should have done what you expected it to do. Will have to reach out to the team about this — apologies for the inconvenience.

I’m actually curious how this works in other browsers — can you test this behavior in Chrome and tell me if you always get the Leave site? prompt? Further, does the Prevent this site from showing... option work when done in Chrome?

@Mattches , @icyolive ,

I tried it in Chrome and it has the same issue: the popup appears whenever I try to reload or go to a different site, sometimes the option to turn it off appears, checking the box does nothing.
@289wk’s solution is working (thank you), though this seems like a glitch. Hope it can get fixed.
Edit: I should mention specifically, using the ‘Let Me Out’ extension is working for me.

There’s a chrome extension called “Let Me Out”. Maybe that will help?

EDIT: Never mind. I didn’t read the solution post. Anyway, there’s a direct link in this post in case anyone else looks for a solution.

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