Is there a way to quickly select a group of tabs in one BRAVE window & move them to another window?

Is there a way to:

(i) select a series of tabs (contiguous or not) in a BRAVE window, and then

(ii) move them as a group to another (new or existing) window?



Higher Command

Ambjoern Skoeld

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Before I go, did you mean to say anything more than ‘Yes’ in your reply?

Also, is Higher Command your rank, title, or where you live?

Paging BRAVE Team:

Not doable?

It’s something I find myself wanting to do a lot of the time, as more tabs fill up my browser windows.

It would be nice to be able to fillet one of those bloated windows in one fell swoop, by moving a set of tabs en masse to a new (or other open) window.


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