Is there a way to move the bookmarks button to where it is in Chrome?

The title says it all. Is there any way to move the bookmark button to the other side of the web search bar, or at least just somewhere other than where it’s at now? I find myself bookmarking pages on accident when I just want to go to my home page.

Version 0.61.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I too am experiencing this, keep adding new bookmarks when I want to go home. Ideally I would like the option to disable the button from settings.


Would also like to see the option to move the location of this… I also have the Home button enabled, and frequently click the bookmark button by accident.

Very annoying issue, added 20 random bookmarks this week. :confused:

+1. Seems like a simple UI change that will be greatly appreciated by many.

Thank you for reaching out with this suggestion. I’ve moved this thread into the Feature Requests section here on Community – as it’s become more of a request for the function rather than “how can I do this”. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Additionally, this seems to fall under the category of UI customization – something we do have planned but don’t have any solid dates for at this time. We do have this issue filed though, I’ve added everyone’s reports to the thread as a +1 to hopefully get some developer’s eyes on it. Issue can be viewed here:


Thanks. This is one of the few issues that prevent me from switching to Brave full-time. I just hit the bookmarks button too often otherwise.

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For what it’s worth, if you go to Menu --> Settings --> Appearance you can enable (or disable) the “Wide” location bar, which would subsequently shift the bookmarks icon along with it – not sure if it’s a viable solution but figured I’d mention it anyway.


Would also like the ability to move toolbar icons.

+1 Here. Very annoying small issue, would love to be able to remove or at least move that button. Click it all the time trying to go home!

I to would like to be able to be able to move the home button and bookmark button. lways hit bookmark by mistake.

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I have been using Brave for a few days now and really like, but this little annoyance is making me think of going back to chrome. I just keep on pressing the bookmarks button, while I just want to go to the home page.

Same here I used the bookmark star on the right for over 4 years on Chromium (and most of other browser)s on the right of the URL bar and I find it just odd that the placement of Bookmark button is on the right just to mess with users

For me the bookmark button is on the right place. When ich use Brave i won’t have
the layout of Chrome.

Yea this is really annoying let us customize the bookmark button or have the option to remove it.


+1 for adding the option to disable the button altogether


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