Is there a way to hide the zoom icon inside the address bar?

So I have an addon that I use for this but if I have it right next to the address bar the zoom dialog kicks in and it keeps knocking me back to default so I have to then put the addon’s icon as far away from the address bar as I can manage to keep my ability to zoom up or down. The addon remembers PER site and I need that as most browsers built in zoom does not and resets per session. So this built in icon/button is more of a hinderance than helpful.


At this time I do not think that this icon can be removed. I know we do plan on doing more granular UI/UX improvements down the line which may include things like deeper customization of icons, but for now unfortunately you’re stuck with it.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.

OK, thanks so much for replying. I’ll await the customization options!

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