Is there a way to export full mobile browsing history

I’m switching to a new device and I’d like to have my full browsing history for at least the last week from my old device because I’m terrible at closing tabs.

I assumed sync would take care of this but when I check recently closed tabs from other devices on desktop or another device, the history only goes back so far and not as fully as I’d like.

Is there a way to do this or get at the file without rooting the old phone? I have to send it back because of an insurance claim and I’m not sure if voiding the warranty will make them reject the claim.


Just so you know, history only goes back something like 1,000 entries I think it was. I need to get better at remembering specifics, but I think that’s what they said.

Also, history sync only saves typed addresses. So when you use a search engine and click to open a site, that’s not going to show in History on other devices. It’s one of the downsides of Sync.

This is kind of the area that I’ve been still trying to figure out. I know in brave://version it shows where you profile is at, but I wasn’t able to navigate to that path anywhere within my device. I also wasn’t seeing an option to be able to put Brave onto an SD card, otherwise was going to say might be able to move it and everything over.

This is one of the things I’m hoping can be worked on in the future. @Serg there’s not anything I’m unaware of where people can transfer their profile and/or history over to a new phone, other than what little bit goes over in Sync, right?

Yeah, unfortunately, we have only sync for that. We are discussing about exporting bookmarks to a file, but not history at the moment.

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Alright, I figured it was a long shot but thanks to both of you for answering.

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