Is there a way to enter underlined text in the message editor?

I haven’t found an option for underscoring text in the message editor.

Isn’t there one?

I tried entering underlined text but that didn’t work.


NOTE: The ‘u’ and ‘/u’ codes (in angle brackets) surrounding the phrase “underlined text” bolded it instead of underlining it.

Of which text editor are you speaking? Are you referring to typing everything here?

If looking at what you did on your post above, you typed in:

**<u>underlined text</u>**

The ** on both sides of something is what creates it in bold.

On text editing here, most everything works with [ ] and [/ ] rather than the <> and </ > you attempted to use.

So going [u]underline[/u] would result in underline

Thanks, @Saoiray, I’m not sure how that text got bolded. I didn’t type asterisks but maybe I selected the text and clicked on the ‘B’ in the toolbar.

But anyway, using brackets instead of angle brackets does answer my question.

Is there a reason that ‘underline’ isn’t in the same set of options offered at the top of the editor (like ‘bold’ and ‘italics’)?

Of which text editor are you speaking?

My post was specifically (and only) about the editor for Brave messaging (the one I’m in now).

Cool, just learned to ask as sometimes find out assumptions bring me to giving wrong answer.

Don’t have a clue. It’s just how Discourse set things up. Brave Community is built on Discourse, so if you look them up and all of their formatting, you can get all the tips and tricks.

I haven’t spent too much time learning. I mean, I just found out today about how you can do this .

There’s just not any one major resource I’ve found with all formatting combined. But you can find links with some such as

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