Is there a way to disconnect my brave rewards connections to uphold?

Ive reached the limit on uphold connections which was fine before my region got disconnected, so I deleted brave and my other hard drive crashed that had my other uphold connections on, I wasnt expecting my region to be put back on the list, but now that it is back on,I cant use brave rewards because the hard drive that had my connection on crashed and I deleted the other browser that had my other connections on because of the above reason so is there anyway that I can start a-fresh seeing that my region is back on the list?or is that it and I used up all my uphold connections?

I am not sure I really understood your trouble.
If you uninstall and reinstall Brave, you should be able to connect to Uphold.
There are no device limits anymore since May. You can connect as many devices as you want.

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I guess it will be better to raise a ticket at

They might be able to disconnect profiles linked to your Uphold I suppose.

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