Is there a way to diable the "pop-up" download footer?

Every time I use the extension “PDF and Printfriendly”, a pink footer pops up wanting to show me all my downloads. This was always annoying because I didn’t ask for it, but now that I’ve broken my right arm and cannot use my right hand, it’s positively maddening. I need to disable the automaticpop-up, but also how access thedownload list when I actually need it. Suggestions, please? :upside_down_face:

What about just disabling that extension? If it’s disabled, you can still get to the Downloads page; if that’s all you need then I’m sure we can come up with a shortcut for it that will work for you.

Or, let me know if I’m missing a huge piece of the puzzle here.

hey, sorry about your arm. may you get well soon… disable it from notifications or remove the extension

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