Is There a way to create Profiles just like Firefox which helps to maintain more privacy

Description of the issue:
How to create a Profile in Brave just like FireFox profiles which is used to create more privacy as we can create multiple profiles for ex: one is for work and other is for personal, and next is for research. I don’t know Brave has this feature or not or how to use it in Brave so guide me how to use profiles? as this is essential feature to protect the privacy.

Brave Version(about:brave):
Version 0.58.18

Additional Information:
If you need more info please do let me know, as per my knowledge I posted everything what I cold think of.

Hi @aaronp,

You can click the profile icon at upper right > Manage people. It’ll open a new window and you can add Add person and Brave will create new, clean browser profile.



Thanks, it’s much helpful :slight_smile:

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