Is there a way to block read of forms from 3rd parties

I’m noticing that nearly every single site has some sort of trackers or adware on it.

I was just on a site applying for a job and it had trackers. Without Brave are the trackers able to read the forms with all my personal information?

I know Brave blocks this type of thing but it sounds like a huge security hole rather than a Browser feature. If something like Google Analytics can grab that information and steal it simply by it’s JavaScript being allowed to run on the page.

You might say, “Hey the site developers are choosing to put that external JavaScript on their page so it must be trustworthy.”

Well, you don’t know the ethics of the developer or the ethics of the company they work for. Also, AT&T and other carriers were caught injecting JavaScript into webpages they delivered to their mobile phones that contained the users GUID. So no, developers aren’t choosing to allow 3rd party scripts.

My question is, is it possible to prevent 3rd party scripts from accessing forms on the client side? Can I put a property on a form to prevent it from being read by anyone except the site JavaScript?

We block a lot of trackers, legit content will still work, just blocking various trackers, fingerprinting. Including Google Analyitics

You can check out shields in the url, and view the Ads and trackers being blocked on the website you’re visiting.

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I check the shields and that’s how I’ve noticed my insurance company, my bank and other well known businesses that should be responsible with my data and see they are sharing it (without Braves functionality).

I’m wondering though if it should be a specification to be able to mark a form as site specific data so any JavaScript from anywhere browser makers can check this property and then block that data from 3rd party scripts.

Some sites will track more than others (and track with different servers/methods), I manage the lists to ensure that causes as little issues as possible. So your privacy still is maintained while you browse the web.

Which form? Note blocking too much will break a website.

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As an example, here is an job application for Uber,

I picked up some additional minor trackers. (via 2 sites)

These changes will roll out in the next 24-48hrs,

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