Is there a way to add a domain name in the Shields to allow tracking and Ads


I use Continuum to support my clients.

The site opens new / “random” pages when I go to access the LogMeIn portion. I don’t want to allow ads / tracking every time.

Is there a way to allow ads/tracking with wildcard? I cannot find the option anywhere.
For example: https://*



Does setting “site specific Shield settings” not do the job?

Just in case, you find “site specific Shield settings” when you visit e.g. and click on the orange Brave symbol near the upper right corner of the Brave window.


Thanks for the reply.

I don’t logon directly from the logmein site.

When I click on a link for remote control, it generates a random (sure it’s not random, but it changes every time) address which includes the device name and it is a “different site” each time so I need to allow it every time which is not happening.

An example when I try to connect to a device:

Next time I try to connect to the same device:

I went to and configured it to allow ads and tracking. The issue persists. It would be great if I could add a wildcard for the subdomain – https://* (at least I think that would resolve the issue).




(Bold by me) Hmm, I thought it would work this way already. Fully agreed, a way to make the Shield-settings work for all subdomains (and not only the actual one) is a must, i.o.w. strictly “site specific settings” are too specific in a lot of cases. We need “site/domain specific settings”.

@mjackson72 Thank you for explaining the issue in greater detail!

Calling the big guys:
@mattches Any chance something like this could made possible before version 1.0? E.g. another switch that would cause the subdomain name (internally) replaced by “*”?


Hello, @mjackson72! @tlaloc77, always a pleasure :fist_right::fist_left:

So unfortunately the answer to your question, @mjackson72, is “no”. At this time you’re unable to add/whitelist custom domains to Brave Shields. This is because of the way Brave handles adding new domain entries in Shields.

For example, lets say we navigate to and we want to allow 3rd party cookies for this domain. When you open your Shields panel and change the Cookie Control setting, it will make an entry in about:preferences#shields for this domain. However, if we navigate to and repeat the same procedure, you’ll see a new entry in #shields for gmail as a seperate domain. So, sadly, since the website you’re referring to is generating links at “random”, each link is going to be marked as it’s own domain and added to the list.

@tlaloc77, as much as I hate to continue being the bearer of bad news, its highly unlikely that we will have a feature like this implemented before we release V1.0. I believe that I’ve seen this feature requested before but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. I will return and edit this post and link to it when I do.

The idea is valid and could be useful but would also take a decent amount of engineering time and the team is heavily focusing on the Chromium rewrite.

Apologies for delivering nothing but bad news with respect to your question! :sweat_smile:
We do appreciate you reaching out to us anyway and for supporting Brave!


I’d say that’s good news in itself because the problem is recognized as such.

And that’s good news of another kind. :slight_smile:

Also, many thanks for explaining how it works! Lots of valuable info in your post!