Is there a VPN discount offered to students?

Question: Is there a student discount for Brave VPN? If there is, how do I sign up? If not, any plans to provide a discounted option? Please do! Full-time student here.

P.s.- Love Brave! Can’t wait for the VPN option on the desktop browser. Hope it’s not extra. My apologies if it’s a wrong topic post. :nerd_face:

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Samsung Galaxy Flex Alpha, S22.

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@Shznakl is a member of the Guardian Team at Brave, and she will likely know.

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@czar1611 It doesn’t seem like they are offering anything like that at this time. Sorry you didn’t have a response. Was hoping one of the Guardian Team would have known more and been able to respond if they ever offered discounts.

That said, we’ll have to see how things work as we keep going in the future. Desktop version will be releasing before too long and Brave is going to roll out Pay With BAT next year. This means may be an option to apply some of that BAT you’re earning to help pay for things.