Is there a version of brave for gamers?

brave feature requests was closest to what I could find. but, I think that there could be a version for gamers like me. although, I do other things for the time being. I was just wondering if one could be released.

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Something like what Opera did? (Opera GX). I don’t think the Brave developers have this planned … but I leave it to the benefit of the doubt

yeah. somthing like that. it does not have to have every single feature.

It could be a good idea. In my opinion, the title of a “browser for gamers that does not collect your data” would sound tempting.

I give my positive vote

I really don’t get it. What exactly has the gamer part to be?

Opera GX became famous among “gamers” for all its functions and how it presented “a browser dedicated exclusively to gamers”. I think it would be a good idea if brave does something like that, since with the privacy that brave offers and new functions dedicated to this sector. More people could get interest in this browser.

that’s right! there are gamer’s out there. I am not the only one, right? brave could get more popular (not that I think we should compete against the other browsers out there).
go to to find the features in opera.