Is there a shortcut to open the Brave Shields popup?

I tweak the Brave Shield settings a lot—typically on 75%+ of sites that I visit for the first time. Is there a shortcut to open the Shields pop-up window so it becomes easier/faster to adjust the granular Shield settings (anti-fingerprinting, adblock, noscript, etc.)?

If not, is anyone aware of a potential workaround to create such a shortcut? (Whatever it takes.) Info on any of the desktop platforms would be helpful, but I spend most time in the MacOS version, so that would be my personal priority.

Thank you.

You can’t get any quicker than clicking the lion in address bar… :thinking:

Is that why people still use vim in 2021? :stuck_out_tongue:

So the best that I’ve found so far:

  1. CMD+L
  2. Tab
  3. Tab
  4. Space

Relatively quick.

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