Is there a problem with the affiliate download links?

Is there a problem with the affiliate download links?
Some users have reported to me that they are not able to download through my link published in some articles on my blog.
I did some tests and really, when I click on the link I’m directed to the Brave website but inside the website when trying to download it redirects me to another page saying “I’m ready to start browsing”.
Is this happening to anyone else?

Can I ask what region you’re located in?

Sure @Mattches , Brazil.

Have you completed and linked your Gemini or Uphold account on your creators dashboard? If so, have you completed the verification on either wallet providers?

Hi @cory !
Yes, my UpHold account has been verified for a while.
I have even received several payments over the months.
Everything was working perfectly until 2 days ago when I received the first complaints from readers of my blog.
I conducted tests with my links and other affiliates links, the same behavior is repeated.

Can you share your referral link that is not working?

@cory sure.

Hi there!
I made another test and i recorded what’s is happening.

What link are you inserting for that image? or ?

I’m using but when I click on it, apparently the url is being automatically changed to

I did tests with links from other affiliates and the same is happening too.

Captura de tela de 2020-08-19 16-25-19

Hi @cory how are you? Do you have any news about this issue?

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