Is there a point in having the possibility to clear the browser history when visited sites remain visible in the payments section?


Hey brave people,

I am wondering if there’s any way to fully delete my browser history after using it/when closing Brave. Visited sites remain in the payments section and having to exclude them one by one is pretty annoying imo. Why does Brave Payments save visited sites even when turned off?

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So at the base of this notion is that people put money into their wallets to pay publishers for the content they have consumed.

During any reconciliation period (~30 days) it makes sense to keep track of those domains. They’re not removed entirely just because they were turned off to handle the case of ‘what if you accidentally turned it off?’ or ‘what if you changed your mind?’

We have added a categorizer which tries to exclude non-publishers (banks for example) but if they’re a publisher and you visited them, there is a base assumption that you would have to explicitly say ‘no, I don’t want to pay THAT particular publisher’.

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