Is there a chance that facebook page

When will be or is there a chance that facebook page or facebook account can add as a PUBLISHER CREATOR ACCOUNT?

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Haha, how many friends do you have in Facebook?

22k followers and still going up

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Its 44k follower now

Wow share your page ido check what you do :grin::grin:

Sure! Here Screenshot_20200906_013313|285x500

@Mattches we will have something similar in the future?

Also a way to link gitlab, instagram or blogger will be cool.

We’re always looking to expand BAT functionality to other platforms – you can see that we started with only the ability to tipped verified websites. We then moved to verified Youtube creators, and have now expanded to Reddit, Github and Twitter users.

I know that we will be adding additional platforms in time but I cannot tell you what will come first or when at this time. We appreciate everyone’s support and interest!