Is the use of VPN fraud?

Hello Brave community,

I’m a new Brave user and I enabled the brave rewards to earn bats.

I live in Philippines and mobile operators here sell data packages e.g. 1 GB for a specific site (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram), there is a way to bypass this restriction by using a VPN so I pretty much have it on all the time but as I’m using free VPN it tends to change location regularly and I noticed that I receive more notification ads when I am connected to the U.S. or North America in general in contrast I receive far fewer when I am connected through Wi-Fi (which shows my true location). It’s not a crazy amount (only 7 bats in 20 days)

I obviously didn’t mean for this to happen but is this fraud activity, will I get banned from Brave Rewards or anything?

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u can use …

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Are you sure? Well that’s a relief.