Is the download bar getting larger by the day or has it always been so huge?

I swear when I installed this browser a month ago that this bar was no where near this thick (vertical space it take up) it currently takes up 10% of screen real estate.

The thing that makes this a problem is that I think it should close after the download is finished, which would make this much less of a problem but for people who download often, it’s still too much real estate.

If the bar is there for security reasons, then why can’t the filename and site be shown across the length of the bottom reducing the height of the bar. You should be able to fit 2-4+ files & URL’s in a single line above the task bar.

Other than this (and the active tab color being not distinctive enough) everything is really great with this browser.


IDK if it’s against the rules to reply to my own post but I found an extension that largely takes care of the download bar issue. It is called: AutoHideDownloadsBar and the address is

It has some nice features and also keeps the bar useable when it’s needed. Hope that helps someone!

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