Is the brave browser available on windows store legit?

I installed brave from windows store yesterday and I was wondering if brave available there is actually by brave.

Post the screenshot of which one exactly you are talking about.

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Brave is available to download — free — from Brave’s home page:

I’m totally unable to comprehend why anyone would ever download software from other than its source … and pay for it. Can you explain?

This is the one.

So? What do you think? @chh_68

Looks good to me, but I cannot tell for sure as I am not a Windows user and have not touched Microsoft store even once.

Brave team (@Mattches) should make it clear if they have their browser on Microsoft store just like they did it for Epic’s Store (

Firefox has a good support post for it Brave does not have one right now.

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@chh_68 @aginmm03
Yes, that is actually us on the Windows store and is perfectly safe to download :slight_smile:

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One last question, when did brave officially start sharing brave via windows store? @Mattches

I’m actually not sure — I believe earlier this summer (June-ish?). Can confirm if you’d like?

According to this reddit post, late June


Yeah that’s what I thought (June). Just confirmed with a team member, the exact date was June 6th of this year.

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