Is one way synch possible?

Windows 10 2H21

Hi folks,
i need to synchronize two desktop devices, called A and B. I need to copy the bookmarks from A to B, but NOT from B to A. Is there a way of archieving that or the bookmarks from A will be automatically merged with the ones from B ?


Hey @LucGreen. What you’re asking is not an option at this time. About the only thing available would be for you to do a manual export/import between them. This is especially the case if you just need to copy it over once and not have it on an ongoing basis.

But in terms of syncing, they would always align to show what you have on each. Essentially anything being synced is all or nothing.

I agree with the reply from @Saoiray … as far as it goes; but there’s more.

Windows 7 stores Brave user data here: ~/Users/?????/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/Brave-browser/User Data/
‘???’ = the relevant user name

I believe Brave installations on subsequent Windows versions (e.g.: your instance of Windows 10) use the same file storage location. If my ‘belief’ is wrong, everything in this comment that follows is useless - maybe even dangerous.

I can dual-boot both my desktop computer and/or my laptop to either Windows 7 (old - only for off-line use - really) or Debian 12 - what I currently use. One-way sync between Windows computers used to be possible using SyncToy which was a Microsoft utility offering the one-way sync option (specifically: SyncToy’s ‘Echo’ mode) about which you inquire. Emphasizing: SyncToy WAS. Microsoft no longer offers it. I have no knowledge about whether old versions of SyncToy work with Windows 10. If you can find a source for SyncToy that you trust, SyncToy also required that a current version of Net Framework be installed.

Which leads to: what SyncToy did was to automate aspects of the Windows ‘Copy’ utility. SyncToy’s ‘Echo’ mode selected for new and updated files and copied them in one direction.

For me, the cited location for my Windows 7 Brave user data includes more than 7,000 files and a bit less than 500MB data - which was why I appreciated SyncToy’s automation of ONE-WAY copying and updating these files between computers.


If - using your notional example of ‘synchronizing’ ONE WAY from your computer ‘A’ to computer ‘B’ - your computer ‘B’ installation is new, the number of files your computer ‘A’ instance will be updating / replacing with new(er) files from computer ‘A’ should be lower than my example of two active instances of Brave. If you can ‘network’ your computers (connect computer ‘A’ and computer ‘B’ to a router), Windows networking should allow you to use the Windows ‘Copy’ utility to do what you want with minimal active intervention on your part.

And yes, I agree: Brave NOT offering one-way sync is IMHO a major omission - sufficient so I’ve only used Brave sync to synchronize a new installation with an existing installation - which is - effectively - one-way. But. To my knowledge, this is the way all browser sync utilities work.