Is my rate of getting BAT normal?

I have been using brave for about 6 months and I only getting around 1.5 BAT in total, so 0.25 BAT/month. Is this normal?

If 15 BAT is the minimum to connect to a wallet using Uphold, it would take years for me to even utilize BAT.

there is some variation based on location / time, but that seems abnormally low. I average around 2.5 - 3 per device per month.

I’m linking a recent post below that covers some general tips about ad related issues.

here is my proof

@zehest01 Not necessarily. To be honest with you, there’s no real “normal” and it all depends on which region you’re in. One thing to keep in mind is that Brave Ads pay between 0.005 and 0.05 BAT each. Using my Android that I had at the beginning of the month and occasionally use for stuff on wifi…I have 223 ads received this month and my estimated payout is 1.460 BAT. That means on average, earned 0.0067 BAT each and if I do receive that total 1.460 BAT, would only be about $1.20 for all of those.

That said, there are things you need to check depending on what you’re using your Brave Browser on. Like if you’re on Windows, Focus Assist will prevent ads which will then prevent you from earning BAT. If you watch a lot of videos in full screen, you won’t get ad notifications. The list goes on. If you need more specific guidance, you’ll need to respond with what type of device you’re on, your general region (such as your country), etc

Brave ad no longer uses windows notification. Now it’s inside the browser. Few months ago I noticed It changed

@Saoiray Minimum BAT to connect to Uphold wallet is 15 BAT. At this rate, I will not be able to utilize BAT in at least 2 years. How’s that?!?!

@zehest01 they have both. You can see ads on occasion in your New Tab window or you can receive traditional notifications which are kind of passive on Windows. The important thing is to make sure you don’t have Focus Assist on, you have notifications for Brave turned on (I had turned mine off earlier this month and so my PC hasn’t really earned anything), and there’s a lot more going on. Since I started typing this out to you, I actually had a couple ads pop up in my notifications since I turned notifications back on again.

It’s a longer post, but if you hadn’t read it, it might help you to look at the link that @lowner posted, which is a post I wrote.

Otherwise maybe just jump to which is a FAQ article written by Brave staff.

Key thing is, ads will depend on your location, your settings, what ads are available in your area, etc. We’re never guaranteed a bunch of ads or money, but they do the best they can. Most people who stop seeing ads usually have accidentally done something to turn them off without knowing it.

When it comes to Focus Assist, not only must it be off but you must also go into the settings for it because there are additional settings where it can turn itself on. By default it forces itself on and will block Brave Ads. All of them need to be OFF or you’ll be running Focus Assist even if you think you aren’t. A good way to verify if Focus Assist is on is by holding your mouse over the Notifications part on the bottom right of your screen. If it’s off, all you’ll see is “No New Notifications.” But if Focus Assist is on, it should say Focus Assist. This is one thing that irritated me a bit because I KNEW I turned it off but the thing kept turning itself on anyways

If interested, you could change your crypto custodian. I don’t think Gemini has a minimum balance requirement. I don’t know if you have that option, but here is the link to a Help Center topic explaining how to change custodian and the consequences.

How do I switch my verified wallet to a new crypto custodian?

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