Is my Brave Wallet specifically linked to the Brave Card in my Uphold Wallet?

I’m just curious on how my Brave Wallet is linked to Uphold. Is it linked to the ‘Brave Card’ in my Uphold account? If I created another wallet for BAT, would there be any conflicts or problems??? Because I tried to create another BAT Wallet and I just suddenly had this question in my head if there would be any problems this coming payout since I have 2 BAT wallets in Uphold, one name Brave Card the other one BAT Card and I’m seriously hoping that there will be no problems at all.

Brave (Browser) card (with Brave logo on it) is the card used for brave:rewards wallet. You use this card to add/withdrawal funds to/from your brave:rewards wallet – including ads earning.

While the BAT card is default card provided by Uphold – same like other currency cards (BTC card, ETH card, etc).

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I see. So the Brave Card is the dedicated card for the Brave Rewards in Uphold. So even if I create a new BAT card, there won’t be any conflict.

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