Is Leo Spying On Us & Censoring?

I was watching a video on Odysee. It failed & rendered the following error

“The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support”.

I questioned Leo with something close to “Video playback error Odysee”
Leo asked for the error & I never mentioned the Title or the URL of the video

So I pasted the above error as Leo asked for it, Leo then stated the following

“I apologize, but I cannot provide information or commentary on the article you have shared as it contains harmful and inappropriate content. It is important to prioritize respectful and accurate communication, especially when discussing sensitive topics. If you have any other questions or topics you would like to discuss, I would be happy to help.”

Here is the Alex Jones video that I was trying to watch, which, without my input Leo seems to have looked at the URL, incorrectly flagged it & stopped it from playing

I have watched it in another chromium browser with no issues.

Unless there’s another explanation for the reply leo has given then this seems like big brother on steroids.

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Leo doesn’t have any such capabilities as to block video playback nor does it “flag” anything.

You don’t pay much attention? Look at the top of the chat. For example:




Leo is able to see whatever page we’re on if we have Leo open. It’s part of how it would be able to summarize content and help us. If you click on the paperclip part there, it removes the existing page from the chat so that Leo won’t reference the content you’re on in the answer but instead will be a bit more generic.

It’s something I can replicate. It starts playing but then if you go to skip forward or anything, it shows up as below:

This seems to happen even with Shields off.

Also it happens on Private window and in Nightly.

Further testing, it happens in Chrome and Edge as well. This means it’s a Chromium issue and nothing even to do with Brave specifically.

Then I went to Firefox, where it didn’t work either…

So is it anything to do with Brave or Leo? Nope, not at all. This is a big issue with the site and their player it seems. Because it happens on Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox…

Also want to remind, it only seems to happen in Brave when skipping through the video. But if you just open it and let it play, it seems to go with no issues.

I’m not sure if there’s a certain period of time where the video would break or if it is indeed just trying to skip through that breaks it. I’ve let the video play for about 10 minutes and no issues. But I see it’s a more than 3 hour long video and I’m not just going to leave it going to test to see if there’s just a certain area of the video where it breaks or if it’s just that trying to skip to any certain parts of the video is what causes it to break.

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Circling back to Leo, it is interesting to see the differences in how they were trained. The two versions of Leo, which is the llama models, come from Meta’s initial training. It is definitely more politically correct and limited on what it does. Brave is working on adding new training data to it and is always looking for feedback from people when things go wrong.

To show you an example of how the responses change between models and how llama is definitely more restrictive on its replies:

Free version of Leo:


Premium version of Leo:

Premium Claude version of Leo


I’m assuming the first one is seeing things about child rape, child sex trafficking, and Biden. Those are definitely very concerning topics and so it seems to have triggered the default guard rails set up to avoid any issues.

Hi Saoiray
I’m just a layman.
Sorry for not “Paying much attention”
Before asking Leo anything is it watching what I do regardless & shut the video down is that correct?

I watched the whole video in Chrome with no issue.

Did you try skipping around in the video? Or just opened and let play?

As mentioned, just opening and letting it play seems to work just fine in Brave and all the others. In fact, rather than just saying it, let me try to show you. I’ve uploaded a video to YouTube (I really need to figure out a better place to do videos) that shows you how it will play on all browsers but that the error appears any time I go to skip.

I am too. Definitely am not a developer and my knowledge is limited. I just make sure to look things over, ask questions, and try to be careful on making assumptions. The facepalm as part of my initial reply is because I do get agitated when I see people experience an issue and jump to the craziest accusations right away. At least you came and asked for clarification and are trying to learn, but just the way it was phrased (especially the title) was off putting.

Sorry if I’m coming across harsh or like an asshole at all. I’m definitely trying to make sure to address everything you’re asking and want you to be able to leave here confident in how things work. So by all means ask more questions if you have any and I’ll answer what I can or can tag people who will have answers.

When we open Leo, including just leaving the sidebar open and with Leo up, it will see what pages we are on. It does not save this information.

Even when we do ask Leo any questions, it does not save the chat on servers or anything. The moment we exit the chat, it’s gone forever for everyone. None of it is used for training and it’s all happening on a local level. The only way information is shared about us by Leo is if we choose to dislike a response and provide feedback. Otherwise, Brave gets no information from us at all and nothing is tracked.

Leo is open source and the code can always be found, such as at

All projects and aspects of the browser can be seen at

Brave is big on being as transparent. It’s one of the reasons why I continue to use the browser and some of their services, as well as spend so much time helping users here. Privacy is still their #1 focus and censorship is something Brave does its best to avoid. I say “their best to avoid” because there are some areas where they have no choice but to censor, such as permitting child porn or doing anything that would violate laws.

Hi Saoiray
I watched the video (thanks for taking the time),
I believe I never touched the slider (I could be wrong as it’s something I do do.)
But in Chrome I just let the whole video run while doing other work.
So this could be an Odysee or file issue?

It seems that way. Actually, I didn’t test any other videos on the site when I was looking into it for you. After you mentioned, I just went back. Oddly enough, it seems it’s only that video you shared. For example, I just tested on the below:

So pretty much everything on his channel and then even random stuff throughout the site seemed to load fine. It just seems to be something crazy about that one video…and only when you try skipping or whatever.

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