Is it safe to delete the directories of older Brave versions in %appdata%/Local/Brave/?


A fairly self-explanatory issue. My system SSD drive is regularly getting full, and I’m looking for things that are safe to delete to open up space. So I’m wondering if directories of older versions can be deleted without disrupting routine operation of Brave.

In my specific case, I have directories app-0.19.80 and app-0.19.88, and the former is taking up ~375MB of space. Will Brave continue to work if I delete it? In a similar vein, I’m also wondering if the .nupkg files in packages can be deleted safely.


Same for me: there are 2 directories app-0.19.122 and app-0.19.123 in Users\xxxx\AppData\Local|brave which both are taking up about 500 mb. Renaming the directories to _bak, makes that Brave does not start. So both directories do something, but why are there 2?

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