Is it possible to turn off the opening of a new tab?

I have been looking for a setting that stops the opening of a new tab when a link is selected. I am not sure that this is a setting that I have missed or a setting that is not available with Brave.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
This is actually not the default behavior of the browser. Clicking a link on most sites will open the link in the tab you have open currently. Some links are coded intentionally to open a new tab when clicking.

But if I understand correctly, you’re saying all links open in a new tab?

I am finding that all link open a new tab. Any suggestions?


There is likely an extension you have installed in the browser that may be. causing this behavior. Can you please try disabling any extensions you have at this time and test to see if doing so makes any difference?

I tried turning off all extensions and observed no change. Thanks for the suggestion. I will reset the browser’s settings and see if that will change anything.

Can you tell me if this happens in browsers other than Brave as well?

Just Brave. I have tried both Chrome and Edge. Both open the links in the same tab.

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