Is it possible to transfer BATs to the BRAVE wallet, without an account uphold?

Is it possible to transfer BATs to the BRAVE wallet, without an account uphold?

In the country where I am, Portugal, it is only possible to count on defense. Unfortunately, I canceled my account just like that. How can I receive BATs without a defense account?

Please see the latest here:

Thank you

Thank you very much!
How do I know I was one of those invited? Did you just receive a notification with the invitation?

I didn’t quite understand the part about receiving the BATs. Is it necessary to have a connected SOL wallet? If yes, how can I do this?

Even without the uphold account, I continue to receive BATs, correct?

@SFCG short version is you need to get that invite for Solana like Evan pointed out or you need to connect to a custodial partner. If you aren’t connected to either, you can’t earn BAT. So you currently are unable to earn anything.

Wrong. I kind of just said it above, but it needs to have an integration to something in Rewards. Primarily this is Uphold, but if you get the invite allowing you to connect to Wallet then you can do that. But it might be a while before you get that invite. They are only doing small group invites right now for testing and will gradually invite people to have the option.

Thanks for the answer.

So, can I just wait?
It ends up being unfair. They closed my account without any reason. There is no other exchange that works in the country where I am to receive BATs.

Is there any solution other than waiting?

How can I connect with a custodial partner?

No, there are no other options.

This is all related to prior notices that were given to people, such as you see below:

And now has been pointed out, the opportunity for on chain payments is arriving for people. But just have to be patient until the system invites you to it. This may be a very long time. There is no clue being given if it will be over months or years. It may be possible we can all use it by the end of 2024 and there’s also a chance some won’t be able to transition this year.

We just all have to wait and see what happens.

It would be a good suggestion to find other exchanges that allow you to receive BAT (in addition to this situation they sent).
The project is good and has everything it needs to work, but it is super limited.

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