Is it possible to transfer BAT to an unverified wallet in Android mobile browser?

Hi, I’m just trying to clarify if this functionality exists. I have BAT in my desktop browser, and can view my unverified wallet there and transfer BAT in and out of it, say from an external exchange. I see no functionality like this in the Android browser. I only see an ability to verify via Uphold, which I have no desire to do. I just want a wallet address to send and receive BAT.

Does this exist? Am I missing something?

Thank you.

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Can you elaborate more about this? :point_up:

Sure. I’m asking if there’s a BAT wallet in the Android Mobile Broswer, that I can transfer crypto in and out of as easily as I can with the desktop version.

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By unverified wallet, did you mean crypto wallet? And by BAT wallet, did you also mean crypto wallet?

Or both referring to Rewards wallet?

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