Is it possible to synchronise wallet between many devices?


I want to know if it’s possible to synchronise the wallet of Brave Rewards between many PC or Smartphone ? If yes, how ?

Thanks for advence.

Hi @dx26d2, welcome to Community.

Can you clarify if you are referring to your Browser wallet or the new Brave Wallet?

Salty :banana:

Hi Salty ! Thanks you !

I just join Brave one week ago and I don’t realy know the difference between the Browser wallet and the new Brave Wallet :sweat_smile: Can you tell me more about this please ?

For my part, I’m talking about the wallet on the right top corner of the page (the triangle, where we can see our BAT), I don’t know if this can help you ?

Thanks for advence !

@dx26d2 Happy to introduce you to Brave Rewards.

If you would like to learn more I do suggest that you check out the Brave Help Center FAQ that will be able to answer your burning questions.

Thanks for these informations @SaltyBanana !

Now, I can tell you I’m talking about the new Brave wallet. Is it possible to synchronise it between many PC ?

Hi @dx26d2,

If you would to like learn about the new Brave Wallet:

This should help:

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Oh indeed, that’s good ! Thanks you ! ^^