Is it possible to revert a transaction of ETH that went to a wrong address? (From different network)


I created a transaction using Brave Wallet and entered (via copy-paste an address) that was given to me, but it was a USDT ERC-20 address. The transaction passed, but of course the receiver didn’t get the money. Is it possible to revert it in any way?

Could you be a more specific?
ERC-20 is Ethereum network. There is no such a thing as USDT address.

Can you see in etherscan what the transaction looks like and if it was successful?

And obviously, it is not possible to revert on-chain transactions.

Sorry, i am not very experienced here.

I was given this address:

And here is the transaction hash:

Etherscan shows a different address in the “to” field. I have little idea why it was substituted.

Is there anything that can be done?

My bad, the address was not changed automatically, i just misclicked

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So you have access to your funds, right?

Yes, fortunately, there was a double mistake, i sent money to my friend instead of the wrong address that was given to me (selected the only option in a dropdown list, supposing that it was the address i had just entered before in a rejected transaction as there was insufficient funds for fee). That mistake seems to have saved me money


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