Is it possible to recover BAT at changing twitch account?

Hello, I had previously accumulated 104 BAT in my publishers account through my Twitch account. A few months ago, I changed my username on Twitch, and this broke the link to the publishers program. When I logged in to re-link my Twitch account under the new username it required that I unlink the previous username, at which point my accumulated BAT disappeared from my account. Would it be possible for you to re-allocate those BAT to my account, under my new Twitch username? I didn’t want to post my username here publicly, but I’d be happy to provide any information needed to help facilitate this. Thanks.

I suggest you repost your question in the Publishers category. You will be more likely to get the help you need there. This category is for Brave users who are not creators/publishers.

Thank you! so much for your help!

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