Is it possible to hide urls in bookmarks bar?


Hey guys,

in Chrome I had my bookmarks toolbar on top of my browser and they all had no name and just the url in it. Now I wanted to switch to brave and all my bookmarks in my toolbar have their url adjacendent to their icon… But for better navigation I only want to use the icons… Is there a possibility?



You can set to show only icons under general settings


ah okay I chose Favicons and Text cause maybe I want some to have Text and some to have not… So this seems not to be possible right? and thank you for the hint!


That is correct you can either choose favicons+text, favicons only or text only


Hi @shroomlife,

For now, you can leave single space as bookmark title if you want to only show the favicon with no text and others with favicon+text. There’s an issue logged for empty bookmarks title

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