Is it possible to get autocomplete from search engine without getting autocomplete from bookmarks and browsing history?

Description of the issue:

I like have access to autocomplete suggestions from my search engine, but I don’t like having it from personal/device sources (bookmarks, browsing history, etc).

I can achieve this on the the Windows desktop browser by turning on settings>privacy>“improve search suggestions” (to receive suggestions from search engine) and also turning on turning on settings>appearance>“show autocomplete suggestions in address bar” whilst leave the nested options (“top sites”, “browsing history” and “bookmarks”) disabled.

However I can’t seem to find similar functionality in the settings for the Android mobile browser. On the mobile browser is it not possible to configure autocomplete to receive suggestions from the search engine whilst simultaneously disabling autocomplete suggestions from bookmarks and browser history?

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Android. Brave 1.50.121

Mobile Device details
Google Pixel 6A, Android 13