Is it possible to connect earnings on the browser across multiple devices

I use brave on both my PC and on my MacBook, and I can see my rewards. But they are separate and only show the earnings for the specific device. So I was wandering if it is possible to connect them so they show the combined earnings.

@egligekattar if you mean to see combined estimated earnings and ads viewed, the answer is no. Each of those are tallied per device/profile.

That said, if you have them connected to the same Uphold (or whichever custodial partner) account, then the balance you see should be your total BAT that is in your account.

For example:

My normal Release version of Brave that I use the most:

Nightly version I use for testing new features and troubleshooting:


You notice how both see the same balance? This is because it’s connected to the same Uphold. But if you look at the estimated earnings on the top right, they are different.

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