Is it on Braves Future Roadmap to link BAT ad and creator payments to the new Brave browser built in cryptowallet?

Just wondering if it might be on Braves future roadmap somewhere which will allow a choice to chose either uphold or the new Brave browser builtin cryptowallet as a payout target or source at all?? I know the builtin wallet is very new so I only wanted to ask if it might happen anytime soon?? Otherwise ill continue my reapply for my UK driving licence so i can actualy submit a KYC on Uphold?? I love the new builtin cryptowallet so would love to see it linked somehow to Brave Rewards as source and target same for Brave Creators of which my site has been a verified part of for a long while now with all my payouts mounting out on Braves pending payout wallet! lol

Keep the new features coming Brave.

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You must know how to drive and have licence !

Welcome to uber !